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There are few sources of employment near the Lytton First Nation reserves. The Lytton First Nation owns Kumsheen Enterprises, few retail stores and a gas bar. The community also owns a small portable mill, which employs up to six people during peak seasons and log home building equipment, which is now waiting for external funding to restart production.

The Lytton First Nation Administration employs 44 people on a full-time basis and approximately 70 people on part-time and seasonal positions. Relying on a very limited budget, the economic Development Department of the Nation creates an average of 35 to 40 seasonal and part-time employment positions every year. Among others, the Economic Development Department of the Nation enters into employment creation agreements with the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Park, BC Ministry of Sustainable Resources, BC Ministry of forests, INAC, and Human Resources Development Canada.

Cattle and hay ranching is one of the traditional activities undertaken by several families. Agriculture, particularly the production of organic beans, fruits and vegetables is an activity traditionally practiced by many west side residents.

External sources of community employment include the railroad companies, forest industry, ginseng farming, the service industry and, increasingly, the tourism industry.