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The rich culture of the Lytton First Nation community has been documented in several books, including Ethnobotany, Stein River, and Our Tellings. In each of these publications, the reader can learn about a group of people deeply connected to their natural environments. Each book portrays the Lytton First Nation people as generous, committed to their traditions, and knowledgeable about the land and its resources.

The cultural values and beliefs of the Lytton First Nation peoples and the strength of their convictions resulted in the creation of the Nlaka’pamux Stein Heritage Park. Today the park is co-managed by the Lytton First Nation and the BC Ministry of Lands and Environment.

The Lytton First Nation operates a school that offers education to students in grades K4 to 12. Plans to build a school facility were delayed but it is expected that the new school building will be ready for the 2007 school year

The Education Department of the Nation operates several programs designed to support the educational needs of students from grade K4 to post graduate students. A language and culture program assists 230 people to reconnect with their language and traditions.