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The closure of Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital last year is perhaps the single biggest loss experienced by the Lytton First Nation and their neighbours. The closure of the Lytton Court House, and the closure of the Legal Aid Offices have transformed a once socially vibrant community into a community in despair.

In spite of these difficulties, or perhaps as a result of these difficulties, the Lytton First Nation administration has developed a strong network of health and social programs designed to improve the quality of life of all community members.

The Youth Development and Leadership Department for example operates a Youth Ambassador Program, Youth Recreation Nights, and Life Skills Programs. Combined, these programs provide an alternative to life in the streets.

The Departments of Health and Social Services of the Lytton First Nation have combined expertise and resources in order to develop and administer services for seniors, programs for people with disabilities, counselling services and others programs. New and innovative programs have been created from the need to develop programs and services that would fill the service delivery void created by governmental cutbacks.