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Lytton Employment Center  

618 Main Street P.O. Box 20 Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0 Telephone # 250-455-2283 fax # 250-455-2643

Welcome to the Lytton employment Center web page. The Lytton employment center office is responsible for maintaining an employment office for the community of Lytton and outlying areas. The main objective is to provide services to unemployed individuals within the community of Lytton, with the tools necessary to prepare for and obtain employment.


The Lytton Employment Center is under the direction of the Lytton First Nation which is governed by an elected Chief and Council which provide support and direction to the Lytton First Nation Administration office through the Band Administrator. The Lytton First Nations mandate is to provide services to the members with education, health, social services, and employment services.

The Lytton Employment Center is funded through the Interior Salish Employment training Society 100%, the society consists of nine board directors for Lytton, Lillooet, Merritt, with three board directors from each community representing on reserve and off reserve for each region.

Interior Salish Employment training society (ISETS)

Residential Address for main office 6916 Michel Road, Quilchena IR#1

General enquiries: telephone # (250)378-0469

Mailing address; Box 1803 Merritt, BC V1K-2B8

Nicola Tribal Association office: (250) 378-4235

Website: www.isets.ca

ISETS service areas, Lytton, Lillooet, Merritt and Logan Lake

Services: Employment and training assistance for Aboriginal Clients


The Lytton Employment Center Staff

Staff:     Bernadine Paul, Community Program Planner

                Gloria Oates, Administrative Assistant

Itinerant services for a qualified Service Canada Employment Counsellor through the Ashcroft & District Employment Services one day a week every Thursday from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm for appointments with Brenda Atoine, Employment counselor you can call 250-455-2283 or Ashcroft directly at 1-866-453-9834. To be referred to service Canada funding you need to be referred by a qualified Employment counsellor that includes the necessary job search through the Ministry of Social Development income assistant clients that are required to do job search mandated by the income assistance clients.

The employment office representatives will be expected to work with other community organizations, on special projects to address the employment needs of targeted client groups. Advocate for the communities served to obtain employment related resources. Provide effective needs assessment, referrals to appropriate interventions, employment counseling and ongoing case management.