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Lands and Natural Resources Department


Murray Sam

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Lands Manager

Telephone: (250) 455-2304 Ext: 207

Email: landsmgr56@lyttonfirstnations.com



Jacquie Raphael


Lands Coordinator

Telephone: (250) 455-2304 Ext: 205

Email: lands.coordinator@lyttonfirstnations.com



Roxann Roziere


Lands Clerk

Telephone: (250) 455-2304 Ext: 205

Email: landsclerk@lyttonfirstnations.com


The Department of Lands and Natural Resources is the newest service department established by Lytton First Nation. Although the resources to operate the department are scarce, the responsibilities assumed by the department are increasing.

Among other tasks, the Lands and Natural Resources Department is responsible for:

Completing all processes to add lands to reserve inventory.
Follow up on membership’s requests for land and title research.
Managing land leases and permits.
Conduct land research. 
Preparing reports for the administration and Chief and Council.

The land known as Lot 47 recently became IR# 36.



We have a new page under the Lands Department!! 

It's called Land-Code and you can visit this site for more detailed information and updates!! 

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