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Pauline Charlie, Manager


Secure Certificate of Indian Status applications available at the LFN Office or you may down load http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100032776/1100100032782.

Members can also have their application complete, with two passport photos to take to AANDC 600-1138 Melville Street to get their documents certified rather that mailing applicatins with theirIdentifications to Quebec.  You must have all correct documents, updated Status Card, Marriage, Divorce(s) etc.  Please note on the applications for 15 and under the Original  Birth Certificate must show both parents(s) names or one(1) depending on how birth certificate is ordered.

Status Card:

You must have two (2) piecesof I.D.ONE MUST have a photo, (drivers Licence, FAC, Fire fighters Certificate) when applying for Status Card. If you are using your Status Card it must not be expired more than six (6) month.  If you do not have a photo I.D. you must apply for a  BC I.D., or a BC Service Canada Card you must have a Birth Certificate and a Care Card.

For Registration of Vital Events the following documents are required:

Birth: To register your new born child, we need Original Large Birth Certificate with both parents names listed, original must be submitted to Aboriginal Affairs Northern Development Canada (AANDC) which will be returned to Membership and back to you, with the Parental Consent for Registration signed by both parent(s). It is very, very important that both parents are on the birth certificate and sign the parental consent form, so that the baby will receive full status, we just received a notice from AANDC that Birth Registration takes up to six (6) month.   

Marriage:  Marriage Certificate and a Declaration of Surname on Marriage form you must have this registered, to avoid delays.

Divorce: Certificate of Divorce for divorces after 1986 or Divorce Decree Absolute for divorces before 1986, to avoid delays please have registered.

Death: Death Certificate, please register.

Items can be submitted to our office for Registration, to avoid delays when applying for Secure Certificate of Indian Status through mail or at AANDC to avoid delay, all of the above must be registered.

For more info, you can contact:

Pauline Charlie at (250) 455-2304.

Band Transfers:

All Band Transfer(s) in/out have been re-open, Chief & Council are requesting a Criminal Record check before any transfers in are accepted.

Membership Code: Is on hold until further notice.


Miscellaneous Amendments:

Forms are available at the office. Miscellaneous Amendments include: to add an Alias name, to Revert to Birth Name, Verification and request to be assigned a new (unique) number, is no longer available.

Birthday Wishes to everyone born this month


 Any Band Members that need to make an amendment to their Certificate of Status, name change, Marriage name change, with INAC or correction on Birth Certificates from Vital Statistics etc. there will be approximately a 5-6 month waiting period

Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)

No Date Determined yet

Documents that will be required when the new SCIS comes, AANDC will be requesting for: Original Birth Certificate, current Certificate of Indian Status (mandatory)  reasons why your surname is not the same as on your birth certificate,  photo I.D. Driver Licence, BC I.D. with care card, student I.D.,  etc.

If you have been married/divorced/widowed, they will be requesting for marriage, divorce, death certificates, please have these documents available to avoid delay.

STATUS CARD SCHEDULE please call in to make sure I have cards availbe and that I can do your prep your paper work.



The AANDC Office in Vancouver is the only BC location performing in-person application intake, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, recommend clients call to confirm the exact documents they need to bring because circumstance can vary.  You may submit your application to SCIS National Processing Unit directly.

The service standard for producing a SCIS is 5 weeks once a complete application is received by the processing unit.









To register your child(ren) please print the following form and return to Lytton First Nation PO Box 20, Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0 attn: Membership along with the original large birth certificate(s) for more information you can contact me at 250.455.2304

Parental Consent Form.pdf