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The Social Development Program provides financial benefits and services to individuals and families in need that reside on Lytton First Nation reserves. Need is determined by the application of an income test and other applicable eligibility requirements.

The program is administered in accordance with the Social Development Policy and Procedures Manual of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

The following programs are administered by the Social Development Department. Monthly financial reports are produced to account for services and programs:

 Social Assistance applications for Employable People
 Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers (PPMB)
 Persons with Disabilities (PWD)
 Guardian Financial Assistance
 Work Opportunity Program (WOP)
 Special Needs and 
 Institutional Care.

The Social Development Department writes proposals for funding to the following funding agencies. The programs and services funded by these agencies are also administered through our department:

Training Employment Service Initiative (TESI) funding is used to assist Social Assistance clients with work related activities such as employment training & travel expenses to attend confirmed employment.

National Child Benefit (NCB) program funds many of the services that are offered throughout the year such as community soup, community potluck, holiday food hampers, swimming programs, milk programs, children’s Christmas party, donations to the youth for sports related activities and various donations towards community functions.

Family Violence (FV) funding goes towards the Family Support Program.

email: cheryl@lyttonfirstnations.com

Telephone # (250)455-2301



Just a reminder the Renewals need to be in before the 15th of each month.  If your renewal is not in your cheque will not be processed

If you have access to a printer you can click the link above to print out the Monthly Renewal Declaration.


Parent's with children on Income Assistance with Lytton First Nation we need your new Child Tax Form that come's in with your Child Tax Cheque on July 20th this month or the parent's that get their Child Tax in by Direct Deposit you should get your papers in the mail about 1 or 2 weeks ltr.  This is required by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada so please remember to bring in your paper work thank you.

Clients of Lytton First Nation on Income Assistance those of you that bring in your Hydro Bill could you bring it in on time and not when you get a disconnection notice because we have to pay a late charge all the time or a reconnection payment and that costs extra and it is based on your shelter allowables.